Science/AAAS Webinar

On demand viewing of the webinar "Characterizing the maternal immune environment during pregnancy: Implications for autism spectrum disorders" can be found here

From Science/AAAS:

"Under normal conditions, the maternal immune system is uniquely regulated during pregnancy to maintain a pathogen-free, yet noninflammatory environment for the developing fetus. However, factors such as cytokines and chemokines produced during gestation can have developmental consequences for the fetus. In particular, maternal immune dysregulation during pregnancy has been frequently associated with increased risk of autism spectrum disorders. This webinar will discuss the relationship between the maternal immune environment and autism risk, highlighting findings from the largest population-based prospective study to date to have examined the relationship between mid-gestational maternal cytokines and chemokines and risk for autism.

During the webinar, the viewers will:

  • Hear about recent research on the effects of in utero prenatal cytokine/chemokine levels
  • Gain insight into how to successfully integrate multiplexed assays into your research
  • Learn best practices for running multiplex protein detection assays to generate the best data."